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An intersection in Boyle Heights
Lucha's Childhood
Lucha's QuinceaƱera Song
Mariachi Plaza, Boyle Heights
Jameson's Story
Jameson Portrait
The 2nd Street Tunnel, Downtown Los Angeles
The Reunion
A Rehearsal Studio in the Arts District
First Kiss
Hollenbeck Park, East Los Angeles
Angel's Point
Angel's Point, Elysian Park
Love and Fractals
The Floating Nebula
The Corn Fields, Los Angeles State Historic Park, Chinatown
City Hall, Downtown Los Angeles
The Next Years
The Phone Call, Part 1
Traversing between the Arts District and Boyle Heights
A Fortune
Chinatown Plaza
Orlando's Story
Orlando's Fairwell
Evergreen Cemetery
Interlude (Car Wash)
AirStream Trailer, Elysian Park
The Roadways, Elysian Park
The Experiment
3rd Street and Broadway
230 Center St, Arts District
The Disappearance
The Red Notebook
Utter darkness
The Other Woman
The Bradbury Building, Downtown Los Angeles
Bowtie Parcel, Los Angeles River
Lucha and Orlando in Love
Historic Core, Downtown Los Angeles
Lucha Portrait
Alongside the LA River, Interstate 5
Orlando In Love
The Million Dollar Theater
Orlando Portrait
Libros Schmibros Book Store, Boyle Heights
Farewell From the Roof Tops
Rooftops, Toy Factory Lofts, Biscuit Lofts, Ito Building Tower, Arts District
Old Age Like a Dream
The Phone Call, Part 2
Chavez Ravine, Elysian Park
The Central Hub


Location: The Central Hub
Music by Andrew Norman
Text by Jane Stephans Rosenthal
At the conclusion of each performance day, all 24 cars found their way back to the Central Hub, a temporary structure built in collaboration with the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). The cars arrived one-by-one, unifying the artists and audiences into a collective experience.

The Central Hub was free and open to the public. Prior to the Finale, live streams of everything happening in the cars could be viewed on independent monitors, with Sennheiser headphones allowing anyone a high-quality experience of the real-time performance.

To Find the Center

Excerpt from the Hopscotch album, Track 20. Composer, Andrew Norman

Cars carrying performers and audience members enter The Central Hub for the Finale

The Finale is uplifting in a way. Jane Stephens Rosenthal wrote the libretto to combine the daily actions that make up our lives, interspersed with some more metaphysical ideas.

So this very disparate, sometimes lonely, sometimes scary, sometimes exuberant ride that had been happening in individual cars suddenly converged and made one circle - made a center.

Still needing to go to the market,
to change the sheets,
to do the dishes,
to feed the cat,
to cut the roses,
to gather up the leaves.

To get the transmission looked at,
to get the hair trimmed,
to listen to the messages,
to return the phone call,
to shave,
to finish the book,
to go for a run,
to turn the phone off at night,
to cook the chicken,
to steam the broccoli,
to turn on the rice.

The Central Hub also realized the piece’s themes of simultaneity and the search for a center – geographically and spiritually.

We built the hub with wood and vinyl. The outer casing was made from recycled billboards in homage to the street culture that drives so much of the Hopscotch narrative.

Maria Elena Altany, Chapter 14, Red Route

To go to the post office,
to read the paper,
to donate to the candidate,
to not worry.