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Hopscotch, The Opera

Hopscotch was divided into three distinct geographic routes: the Red, Yellow and Green route. Each route featured eight of the 36 total chapters, a mixture of car rides and visits to undisclosed sites. Each chapter lasted ten minutes.

The artists bringing each chapter to life were assigned to one chapter; the audience continually changed cars. It took eight rotations for the audience to experience a full route, with each audience group (four people) beginning at a different stage in the cycle and proceeding in either a clockwise or counterclockwise order.

Ten of the 36 chapters, marked in blue, served as narrative milestones accessible at any time: short, animated chapters which weave the story together.

The Red Route

Boyle Height, East Los Angeles, Arts District
Nostalgic, introspective, lonely

The Yellow Route

Downtown Los Angeles, The Arts District
Frenetic, spatial, surreal

The Green Route

Chinatown, Elysian Park, Los Angeles River
Wild, metaphysical, transcendent

The Central Hub

The 24 live chapters of Hopscotch converged at the Central Hub, the focal point of the entire production. The intimate performance inside the car streamed live to the Hub, where 24 screens gave audiences a dazzling panorama of simultaneous life in Los Angeles. The Central Hub was also the site of the spectacular Finale, occurring at the end of each performance day.

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An intersection in Boyle Heights
Lucha's Childhood
Lucha's QuinceaƱera Song
Mariachi Plaza, Boyle Heights
Jameson's Story
Jameson Portrait
The 2nd Street Tunnel, Downtown Los Angeles
The Reunion
A Rehearsal Studio in the Arts District
First Kiss
Hollenbeck Park, East Los Angeles
Angel's Point
Angel's Point, Elysian Park
Love and Fractals
The Floating Nebula
The Corn Fields, Los Angeles State Historic Park, Chinatown
City Hall, Downtown Los Angeles
The Next Years
The Phone Call, Part 1
Traversing between the Arts District and Boyle Heights
A Fortune
Chinatown Plaza
Orlando's Story
Orlando's Fairwell
Evergreen Cemetery
Interlude (Car Wash)
AirStream Trailer, Elysian Park
The Roadways, Elysian Park
The Experiment
3rd Street and Broadway
230 Center St, Arts District
The Disappearance
The Red Notebook
Utter darkness
The Other Woman
The Bradbury Building, Downtown Los Angeles
Bowtie Parcel, Los Angeles River
Lucha and Orlando in Love
Historic Core, Downtown Los Angeles
Lucha Portrait
Alongside the LA River, Interstate 5
Orlando In Love
The Million Dollar Theater
Orlando Portrait
Libros Schmibros Book Store, Boyle Heights
Farewell From the Roof Tops
Rooftops, Toy Factory Lofts, Biscuit Lofts, Ito Building Tower, Arts District
Old Age Like a Dream
The Phone Call, Part 2
Chavez Ravine, Elysian Park
The Central Hub