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An intersection in Boyle Heights
Lucha's Childhood
Lucha's Quinceañera Song
Mariachi Plaza, Boyle Heights
Jameson's Story
Jameson Portrait
The 2nd Street Tunnel, Downtown Los Angeles
The Reunion
A Rehearsal Studio in the Arts District
First Kiss
Hollenbeck Park, East Los Angeles
Angel's Point
Angel's Point, Elysian Park
Love and Fractals
The Floating Nebula
The Corn Fields, Los Angeles State Historic Park, Chinatown
City Hall, Downtown Los Angeles
The Next Years
The Phone Call, Part 1
Traversing between the Arts District and Boyle Heights
A Fortune
Chinatown Plaza
Orlando's Story
Orlando's Fairwell
Evergreen Cemetery
Interlude (Car Wash)
AirStream Trailer, Elysian Park
The Roadways, Elysian Park
The Experiment
3rd Street and Broadway
230 Center St, Arts District
The Disappearance
The Red Notebook
Utter darkness
The Other Woman
The Bradbury Building, Downtown Los Angeles
Bowtie Parcel, Los Angeles River
Lucha and Orlando in Love
Historic Core, Downtown Los Angeles
Lucha Portrait
Alongside the LA River, Interstate 5
Orlando In Love
The Million Dollar Theater
Orlando Portrait
Libros Schmibros Book Store, Boyle Heights
Farewell From the Roof Tops
Rooftops, Toy Factory Lofts, Biscuit Lofts, Ito Building Tower, Arts District
Old Age Like a Dream
The Phone Call, Part 2
Chavez Ravine, Elysian Park
The Central Hub

Angel's Point

Location: Angel's Point, Elysian Park
Lucha: Lauren Davis
Jameson: Jessica Mirshak
Saxophones: Andrew Conrad, Neelamjit Dhillon, Brian Walsh, Damon Zick
Music by Andrew McIntosh
Text by Sarah LaBrie
Lucha and Jameson share a passionate physical experience.

Director’s Notes:

“We jokingly called this the sexophone chapter, since it depicted the moment of physical union between Jameson and Lucha, and was scored by Andrew McIntosh for a saxophone quartet.

“The scene had three parts: Lucha and Jameson’s foreplay, with one saxophonist in the car, with clothes starting to come off; the saxophonist leads the audience to Peter Shire’s sculpture at Angel’s Point, with its expansive views of Los Angeles, and where three other saxophonists waited to play climactic harmonies; and finally a different saxophonist lead the audience back into the car, where the post-coital Jameson and Lucha sang a beautiful coda: ‘The end, never the end, never the end, never the…’

The Frank Glass and Grace E. Simons Memorial

The sculpture at Angel’s Point is by Echo Park artist Peter Shire. The sculpture memorializes Glass’ and Simons’ activism to keep the neighborhood from being overdeveloped. The underlying message draws awareness to the negative effects of industrialism and represents Shire’s own perception of Los Angeles, including its physical and social constructions.

Andrew decided to score this duet for two women, a really beautiful nod to operatic tradition. As luck would have it, Chapter 11 – when the couple were most deeply in love –also has Jameson played by a woman. Now I regret that we didn’t have at least one male Lucha!

Never the End

Excerpt from the Hopscotch album, Track 6. Composer, Andrew McIntosh

“The road up to Angel’s Point in Elysian Park was full of potholes when I first chose it as a location for the Green Route. I was having a hard time imagining a saxophonist playing on such an unstable stretch of road without potentially getting injured! So in conversations with the office of Councilmember Gil Cedillo, I asked the planner if they could pave the roads sometime before October. To my amazement, they actually did it!

“I still consider this site one of the best-kept secrets in Los Angeles.”

– Yuval Sharon