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Jason H. Thompson

Jason has worked on over 50 Productions as a Projection Designer around the world.  His credits include the Broadway musical Baby It's You!, Venice at the Public Theatre, Remember Me an international touring show with Parsons Dance Company, Cage Songbooks a 45 minute selection of Cage Compositions performed at Carnegie Hall, SF Symphony, and New World Symphony in Miami, Crescent City Opera and Invisible Cities new experimental operas directed by Yuval Sharon, Bad Apples a new musical about Abu Ghraib, The Great Immensity an exploratory theatrical experience based on interviews by the Civilians about Global Warming. He has designed the video for Stars on Ice for the last six years, and has worked with the Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation for the last two years. As a video engineer, Jason was the Head Video Engineer for a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign for Stanford University called Leading Matters.; 4K resolution content was projected on 60' curved walls surrounding the dining area for the event.

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