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Lewis Pesacov

Lewis Pesacov is a musician, producer and composer based in Los Angeles. As a composer, Pesacov is inspired by the transcendent potential in sounds, heard. His works have been featured in festivals, museums and galleries including The Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), the 2013 Biennial of the Americas (Denver) performed by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and at Machine Project (Los Angeles) performed by the Calder Quartet. His work has also been performed internationally at the Darmstadt Ferienkursen and the Conservatory of Music Trossingen (Germany), the Dissonanz Festival (Switzerland) and by the Orchestre de Sceince-Poiltiques Paris (France). In 2013, Pesacov's chamber opera The Edge of Forever, inspired by the ending of the Mayan long count calendar, was performed by LA-based chamber music ensemble wild Up, conducted by Christopher Rountree, at The Philosophical Research Society (Los Angeles).

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