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Lucas Lipari-Mayer

Lucas Lipari-Mayer studied for 9 years at the National Regional Conservatory of PARIS, where he was also regularly awarded. He is actually a student of Edward Carroll in BFA at CalArts . He was part of the « the Brass Band Junior of Paris » (as 1st solo cornet) directed by Clément Saunier with whom he has been performing regularly in cultural events, and also involved in non-profit concerts for the UNICEF in France. For the past two years, he has participated in numerous festivals and academies around the world (Peru, USA, France, Switzerland…); he is a member of diverse orchestras (kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra, Calarts Millenium Chamber Orchestra…). He was recently chosen to be part of the the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra to study key works of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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