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Marc Lowenstein

Marc Lowenstein is the Music Director of The Industry. He has conducted the premieres of several new operas including The Mortal Thoughts of Lady Macbeth, Dice Thrown, The Scarlet Letter, The Peach Blossom Fan and Wet, and the American premieres of Schaeffer's Loving and Aperghis' Sextour. For four years he conducted with the New York City Opera's VOX new music festival and he has conducted on the Monday Evening Concert Series, with Jacaranda, with the Ear Unit, the Vinny Golia Ensemble, the Kadima Conservatory, the CalArts New Century Players, and Ensemble Green. He was the founder and music director of the Berkeley Contemporary Opera, a company that produced four seasons of contemporary operas.

As a singer, he specializes in contemporary music and has performed over twenty-five opera roles including the premiere of What to Wear by Michael Gordon and Richard Foreman. Marc has written a full-length opera based on the screenplay to The Fisher King, is working on a children's opera, and has written several shorter chamber works. He has been a professional whistler, plays klezmer clarinet, and he teaches theory, conducting, composition and history at CalArts.

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