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Omar Torrez

Omar Torrez's lysergic Latin guitar fluttered like a Bossa Nova hummingbird, a neon Andres Segovia, runs punctuated with Bill Frissel sustains and Hendrix air-raid siren chords." ~ Flagstaff Live.  Omar Torrez's musical brew is equal parts post-modern rock, Mexican and Cuban Son, gutbucket blues, spiced with stunning guitar wizardry and innovative and impassioned songwriting.  The Mexican-American artist first gained notoriety as a finalist at the Jimi Hendrix Guitar Competition at the Bumbershoot Festival. Among the artist's career highlights – he was the guitarist on Tom Waits' most recent world tour – Glitter & Doom.  The single "Marina" from the latest record won 3rd place in the Latin category of the International Songwriting Competition.

Omar has played at many prestigious festivals such as: Bumbershoot and The San Francisco International Film Festival in the US, Festival Cervantino and Feria de San Marcos in Mexico, The Waiting for Waits Festival in Spain, The Steppenwolf Awards, Island of Light and Dvizhenie ("Movement") in Russia. Omar's music was featured in Warren Miller's "Impact" and on television shows such as NBC's "Heroes," "Whoopie," "Felicity" and "Grosse Pointe.

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