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Tony Rinaldi

Tony Rinaldi is a freelance trombonist and educator based in the Los Angeles area. His passion for music outside of the typical "jazz and classical" realm was the main reason for bringing Tony to Los Angeles in 2008. He received his Bachelors Degree in Music Performance for the trombone from The California Institute of The Arts (CalArts). He has toured Europe, South America, and North America with several bands including The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The Veils, Habadekuk, and Beat Mosaic. Since moving to Los Angeles Tony has recorded at Capitol Records, Westlake Studios, Sunset Sound, and other small private recording studios scattered across the greater Los Angeles area. He has made small appearances on The Jimmy Kimmel Show with special musical guests, Jungle (UK). One of his deeper passions lies with his Soul and Groove ensemble, Beat Mosaic.

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